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India Glory Book of Records

Delhi Based Mr. Ravi R. Kumar CEO – Know The Pulse International (UAE) Prominent Secondary Market Trainer of India

Award Id: IGBR111| Category : Professional
Mr. Ravi Kumr , CEO – Know The Pulse International (UAE) a renowned personality in stock market trading trainer of India. Mr. Kumar also mentor of Kubera Edutech,New Delhi. Mr. Ravi R. Kumar is a charismatic personality. He believes that “ Making money in stock market is as easy as making cup of coffee.” But trade should be process oriented not profit oriented. Mr. Kumar is a full time stock trader since 2008. Mr. Ravi has been visited around 52 countries since last 13 years and trained 18000 plus people across the world. Mr. Ravi R. Kumar ‘s fame and achievement feathered by various media houses e.g. India TV, Aaj tak, Zee, News 24. Mr. Kumar has been achieved various National and International awards those are Global Business Excellence Award by Jubilant Life Science, Kotler Award,Business Excellence Award (FICCI ), Global Asian Of The Year Award by Asia OneDubai, i Factor 2.0 Award ( December 2019),Rastra Ratan Award (February 2021 New Delhi), Best Speaker Award ( Midas Talk ) March 2020, Best Stock Market Trading Coach Award By SMEBIZZ Entrepreneur Star Award (April 2021New Delhi). India Glory Book of Records has been recorded Mr. Ravi R. Kumar s achievement as Prominent Secondary Market Trainer of India under "Most Successful Stock Market Trading Coach" .


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